As a laboratory does not only mean the equipment and the expert personnel operating it, the certificates are not merely simple descriptions of the tested gemstones and jewels. All of them are based on the records and analysis of the results of measurements, reference materials, special testing methods, photos of the inclusions taken by a digital camera through a microscope and their analysis, references to information published in technical books and scientific journals and many other things.

Gemstone identification certificate

These certificates are issued for:

  • unmounted coloured gemstones
  • mounted coloured gemstones
  • unmounted natural diamonds weighing less than 0.50 ct
  • mounted natural diamonds

The identification and classification of the mounted stones is possible only to the extent allowed by their settings. This fact may significantly decrease the appraised values of the examined gemstones.


Diamond identification certificate

These certificates are issued for unmounted natural diamonds weighing more than 0.50 ct.


Evaluation certificate

These certificates are issued both for gemstones and jewels.