About us

Jewels made from precious metals and gemstones have always been attractive to the human beings. They are popular gifts which provide a worthy framework for emphasizing the beauty of a woman or to show the richness of a man. Besides their artistic value, the gemstones also ensure good opportunities for investments and deposits thanks to their brilliance lasting forever.

During economical crises the money always loses its value. This is proved by the steeply growing prices for gold and diamonds.

At the same time, it can be observed that the habits for buying jewelry are also changing: people examine more carefully what to invest their money in. Although they buy fewer jewels, those are expensive and of a high standard.

The certificates issued by a gemological laboratory independent of the jewelry traders and manufacturers and proving the quality of the gemstones have become indispensable accessories for the jewels decorated with high standard natural gemstones.


“I believe that gemstones are great presents from the Creator
and Nature, providing joy, consolation and hope. Behind
their shining exterior surface, in the microcosm of the inclusions
I can read their life story with humility, and I can see injuries
and recoveries as imprints of their sufferings….”

Tanya Szitó PhD
Head of Laboratory